About Us

Do you want to know about the rich activities of UData and dive into the works we’ve conducted? Yes. Then keep scrolling.

Our History

UData.uk is a website domain name formally operated by another owner. However the team here at CookeCorp wanted to provide other businesses the same high quality service we do in house. So we’re inviting you into our home, put your feet up and we’ll tell you all about us. What we plan on doing and our goals as a brand.

About UData

UData is a project launched to deliver rare services at a rarer quality. With a knowledgeable team we continuously conduct research with varying concepts.

Who is CookeCorp?

A registered company in the United Kingdom founded by Wayne Cooke, a blind entrepreneur who aims to put a guarantee onto his works. CookeCorp specialises in the corporeality of ideas to bespoke niche audiences. Delivering various systems and solutions to businesses, NGO’s and the public.

With ten plus years experience as a web master, Wayne is an up and coming marketing aficionado with great success using his own creations to advance brands and create buzz, popularity and viewership longevity.

A way in which we can help other.

CookeCorp is a company that hires from disadvantaged and minority communities. On the UData team we have a varying work force. This can be an advantage for you, allowing you to reach varying sources and communities otherwise unwilling to talk to organisations conducting similar activities.

People Surveyed


Since January 2019 we’ve surveyed 90,000+ people.

Studies Conducted


We’ve conducted nine studies since January 2019.

We’ve Worked With


We’ve had three clients since inception in July 2019.

The UData Brand

We’re building the UData project around our existing network, integrating UData into the very foundation of our works. Helping create lasting relationships with better understanding.

Minimise Risk

You’re risk can increase when conducting research of any kind. Minimise the risk and maximise the potential by working with us. We’ll focus on your goals when campaigning, surveying or monitoring your chosen market/viewership.