Our Services

If you’re interested in sourcing intelligence, reaching new markets and fulfilling the needs of your viewership you’re in the right place.

We can help you share your ideas in ways you never thought possible.

Our gifted team can produce & market materials that further your organisations aims.

Social Media Monitoring

We can monitor, market and campaign for you in ways our competitors can’t. Delivering a higher quality standard than 96% of our competitors.

PR Growth Or Overhaul

No other team delivers PR intervention like us. We use intelligent interaction to nullify, quantify, diversify and intensify your PR activity with no limits by our PR agents.

Web-Based Experiments

UData is a web based experiment within itself. Operated by CookeCorp UK Limited as a revenue stream. Launched within 36 Hours and sourced because of the domain authority. We can launch web based experiments for you whenever you want without limitation.

Online Focus Groups

We can use one of our various platforms to conduct studies for you tomorrow. Online focus groups are no exception.
We can reach your viewership in fun, interactive ways as instructed by you. Anonymously or with you as the sponsor, earning you full credit.


A field we pride ourselves in. Using all the best resources we’ll assimilate with your viewership. Interrelating, cross analysing and profiling your best possible leads, newest markets and more.
Our hybrid styles and techniques are risk free and friendly.

Participatory Appraisal

We’ll engage so you don’t have to. Our team will take on the task of achieving your goals for the betterment of your organisation.

Deliberative events

Our Potential customer experience days and events are spearheaded by our qualified events management team.

In-depth Interviews

Let us take the time to conduct in depth surveys for you. Freeing you from scandalising and performance issues.

Deep-Web Analysis

Our team are experienced deep-web referrers. A speciality in which you can leverage for all kinds of purposes. We’re able to source intelligence and report key findings to further your goals and organisation aims.

Tap into youth culture.

UData has worked to launch brands for niche youthful vibrant markets privately with great success. Tap into the knowledge we have on audiences with forever developing, complex tastes.

We’re Dissemination Specialists if we may say so ourselves.

The art of PR has always been at the heart of CookeCorp, UData and associate sites within the network. With a background in marketing growth we’ll be able to spread your message of hope far and wide.

Latest from CookeCorp

CookeCorp is launching a network designed to help you reach out to your audience. PaidtoDiscover is a website CookeCorp is launching early 2020. We’re looking for businesses and corporations to take part in this giant community project. You’ll get exclusive access to the audience which already has a growing invitation list.

What Makes Us Unique?

Our resources are our own, your information is handled with out third party intervention no matter the project.

We save you time and money, conducting campaigns and projects without third-party intervention because we’re able to conduct projects in house from web design, media production or events management to data processing. We’re completely self reliant in our aims to source intelligence on your behalf.

The technology we use is always current. Using a variety of techniques we love to mix things up. Our team also uses new and current technologies to run experiments.

Our team and extended organisation deal in the use of IT based technologies. Maintaining, developing and experimenting hubs of interest for the social economic betterment of stakeholders, sponsors and wider communities.

You’re companies privacy is our concern. Not only are we discrete, anonymising the information we collect but we can act on your behalf without any risk.

Since the general data protection regulation was enforced UData has not been effected. This was due to preemptive moves made by our team months before the rule was in place. These changes meant we already complied with GDPR laws.

We have a pre-established audience reach of thousands of users, separated into niche audiences via various platforms.

Because of the company founder/CEO who has been creating websites and online media content since 2009. We’ve had a head start with potential audience reach. One in which larger companies strive for and spend hundreds of thousands reaching out too.

We’re always farming, even if we aren’t working for you or another client the UData team is always harvesting for your future convenience.

Twenty four/seven sourcing of intelligent information allows us to better work towards our goals of delivering the best quality services to you.